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Create a diptych typographic representation of the word 'choice'. Use elements of the word to create a visual depiction that emphasizes its semantic meaning. 

Role: Designer

Deliverables: Semantics and Associations, Sketches, Final Design made with Adobe Illustrator

Timeline: 2 Weeks


1. List possible meanings and associations of the word 'choice'

2. Draw sketches that incorporate these meanings in a visual manner

3. Create another piece that coordinates with the original design to form a complete diptych

Semantics and Associations


- Election

- Voting

- Power

- Pro-Choice

- Options

- Alternative

- Decision

- Arrows

- Path

- Directions

Initial Designs
Final Concept

The word 'choice' is a representation the current Presidential election. This piece was created with Impact and the two major party symbols. The complementary piece illustrates the American flag with our choice as the highlighted element.


Impact is a bold font that grabs the viewers' attention; this font was chosen because of its heavy quality. The graphic symbols are placed on letters that have a solid footing, which emphasizes the stability in both parties. They are facing each other to represent the competition and their letters are highlighted to furthermore emphasize the division in their views.  

The complementary graphic is a representation of the American flag. The use of Impact creates strong lines that, from a distance, can form the stripes of the flag. The red and blue colors have been washed away and those colors are placed on the word 'choice'. This is to show that democracy truly lies within our power of choice, and therefore, democracy is dependent on our actions. 

The two works coordinate with one another due to the consistency in the fonts, the particular use of colors and the overall layout and form. 

Final Design
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