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IxNConnect on a digital display


IxNConnect is a platform for transit authorities to manage customer messaging and content delivery in real time. It delivers relevant information and content to transit customers as they move through cities.

Role: UX Researcher and Designer

Deliverables: User Flows, Wireframes, Interactive Prototype with InVision, Usability Testing, Final UI Design, Zeplin for Development, Micro-interactions, Quality Assurance Testing



The IxNConnect platform provides tools to create and publish information, allowing transit authority staff to deliver accurate, up-to-date schedule information, rapidly push out alerts to riders in the event of an emergency or service issue. IxNConnect manages on-going regular transit communications such as safety or promotional campaigns. Additionally, IxNConnect offers transit authorities a centralized view of all displays and content, as well as analytics to measure the performance of the system.

IxNConnect gathers analytics from our IxNSight and IxNTouch devices deployed throughout a transit system. It contains a dashboard system, allowing users to get a holistic sense of a transit systems status. 

IxNConnect is a 2nd place winner of Passanger Innovation of the Year Award from SmartRail World Innovation.

My Design Process

Connecting with Riders

​IxNConnect delivers content experiences to people through Intersection’s dynamic digital displays, empowering customers to make more informed decisions about their daily commutes. Our products provide riders with relevant and valuable information, from everyday train and bus arrival countdowns and route status, to up-to-the minute communications and alerts during service outages or emergencies. Content can also be enriched with feeds of local weather, news, events, and other information relevant to riders.

Two suites of digital displays provide just the right type of information for riders’ individual needs. Intersection’s dynamic IxNSight displays broadcast real-time data targeted to riders’ exact locations, while our touch-enabled IxNTouch displays, built for interactivity, offer the opportunity to get in-depth content for individualized needs, such as customized directions and station-specific information.

In addition, all transit communications can be shown alongside intelligent advertising on IxNTouch and IxNSight displays, powered by live data feeds and interactivity, engaging riders and growing advertising revenue.


What I learned and the next steps...

  • I enjoyed collaborating with our Transit Authority expert team to help build out this application to improve their workflow. I learned a tremendous amount about content production and management through this CMS.

  • I followed the Bootstrap 4 framework to ease the handoff for development. By doing so, I became very familiar with this component library. I also incorporated Intersection's product style guide to create a cohesive feel among our suite. 

  • I am reviewing the analytics of use and reevaluating its features with our clients. In the future, I would like to expand its feature set and capabilities. 

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