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The Pop Up Booth

The Pop Up Booth is an interactive and spontaneous Photo-Booth experience that uses sensor embedded props to capture photographs. A gyroscope sensor is placed inside of a prop so its movement will trigger the photograph to be taken. The images are automatically uploaded onto Flickr for easy photo sharing. 

Software Used: Arduino IDE, Processing

Sensor: Gyroscope

Role: UX Designer and Creative Technologist

Deliverables: Sketches, Technology Research and Implementation, Design made with Adobe Photoshop and Sketch, Prototype made with Processing and Arduino

Timeline: 9 Weeks


Photo-Booths were originally conceived in the early 1900’s by Anatol Josepho, who envisioned a way to make photographs available to the average person. He wanted to make this process easier and faster than the current methods of darkroom photography. He dreamed of creating a self-operated machine that would capture and print a photo, when an individual placed a coin in the slot. By 1921, Josepho raised enough money to hire engineers that made his vision into a reality and the Photo-Booth was born [1].


Since this time, Photo-Booths have undergone a major transformation. Now Photo-Booths are often seen at weddings, parties and even malls. Current day booths still reflect the ideology of older technologies. Photographs are being printed out, while in today’s digital age images are shared through online methods; like Facebook, Flickr or Instagram. The Pop Up Booth makes the Photo Booth more interactive, spontaneous and exciting using state of the art technologies to share the photographs.


[1]  Näkki Goranin

Process & Technology

For this project I used an Arduino Uno connected to a gyroscope, the MPU-6050, Processing and Flickr.


1. Data from the X, Y and Z axis were fed into analog pins of the Arduino, which were then sent into Processing.

2. In Processing, the data was read and analyzed and when the users' movement matched a particular critia then Processing took an image. 

3. Once the images were taken they were automatically uploaded onto Flickr, for easy photo sharing. 

Functional Prototype
User Journey

How does it work?

  • Users would buy the kit and download The Pop Up Booth app

  • In the Pop Up Booth app, the user would connect their phone to sensor within the prop via Bluetooth

  • As the user moves images are captured and saved in the application

  • Users can instantly see all of their photos in the application and share them across social networks

  • Users can view their recent photos, create and manage galleries and update their profile within the application

Prototype Design

  • For this prototype I focused on creating a functional prototype of this product. I used Processing to gather and interpret the gyroscope data. Processing captures images and saves them in a folder that is synced to Flickr. 

Prototype Demonstration
What I learned and the next steps...
  • Through this project I learned how to collect and manage data from a gyroscope sensor. The sensor has an X, Y and Z axis; all of the data was transmitted into Processing where it was parsed and interpreted. I then included logic statements to control what action should occur when the values reached a particular threshold.

  • I learned how to sent data and manipulate Arduino sensor information into Processing. 

  • I would like to test the interactivity of more physical props and their potential actions to understand which movement is natural. 

  • I would like to create other props and experiment with other sensors to test their functionality.

  • I am going to further develop the application feature set and interface.

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