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Create a relationship app that couples can use to boost communication by giving the users conversational topics and physical exercises that they can engage in.

My Role: UX Researcher

My Deliverables: Sketches, Interviews, Personas, Scenarios, Wireframes,  User Testing

Timeline: 1 Week

Team: 4 people

How might we...

Initial thoughts:

  • Promotes safe sex?

  • Break the stigma of sex?

Final Idea:

Create an app that helps couples improve the intimate parts of their relationship, including sex?

  • Encourage regular intimate interactions

  • Normalize fulfillment between all parties, or bring all parties to a higher level of fulfillment

Prototype Design

Include the basic features and test navigation design with individuals in the user base


  • Which sections of the app would our users find the most appealing?

  • Is the process of using the app easy or difficult?

  • Would individuals be interested in using the app if it was further developed?

User Testing
Application Design & Brand Requirements

- Color Scheme: Warm

  - Reds

  - Oranges

  - Gradual Transitions

- Font: Friendly, Approachable, Modern

  - Sans Serif

  - Berlin Sans FB

- Simple on-boarding process

  - For security concerns

The Next Steps...
  • Further develop the prototype with a clear distinction between Exercises and Tips

  • Interview potential users about Diary section to further understand desired features and update design requirements

  • Icons that represent each division of the application, so users can understand the differences among each category

More work
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